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From Restore the Constitutional Republic February 12, 2009:

Another Follow-Up to Senator DeMint’s Staffer
Posted February 12th, 2009 by restore
Dear Mr. Headley,
I hope you are doing well.  Because I haven’t heard back from you since my last post of a week or so ago, I did want to provide you with an update on this situation. 
At the onset, let me say that I guess I may have been a bit naïve in the belief that Senator DeMint’s relationship with my late brother would have afforded me an opportunity to engage in a forthright dialogue with him regarding why he chose not to fully investigate Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president.  While the answers you supplied seem to indicate that he relied on no actual evidence at all, I was disheartened that the Senator chose not even to reply to me.  At this point, I’m not certain the Senator even saw my request.
A colleague of mine, Citizen Wells, has been making similar requests of NC Rep. Sue Myrick, and the result of the ambiguous replies we’ve received in our two inquiries has led to the creation of The WHY Initiative.  Since, through our network of organizations and bloggers, we have fairly immediate access to countless thousands of people across the country, we are spearheading this grassroots effort to be heard by our elected officials—and to hear directly from them, and not their staffers (no disrespect intended).  We will not relent until we get some meaningful answers instead of the Obama camp’s talking points with which the staffers have obviously been provided.
Now, how serious are we about this?  Let’s take a look.
After our brief exchange last week, I wrote an article detailing it:
Citizen Wells did as well:
Then, we called upon faithful patriots across our nation to help us disseminate this information.  Is it working?  Well, again, let’s take a look.
Mr. Headley, please do a Google search on your name:
As of this writing, Citizen Wells’ article ranks third.
Now do a Google search of your name, adding “jim demint”:
As of this writing, that article is Google’s first entry.
The voting public IS going to learn the truth—one way or another.
Through The WHY Initiative we are going to continue to insist that we receive real answers from those we elected to represent us.  State by state, we will be working to inform the voting public of just how (un)responsive their elected officials are to them.  No answers?  No campaign $upport and no votes.  If those in office will not answer to We the People, then they simply should not be in office.
Moreover, we’re not asking for Senator DeMint, or any other elected official, to supply their answers to the public at large; we are asking that they simply enter into a meaningful dialogue with the representatives of The WHY Initiative.
I’ll admit that our country is presently in a shambles, and the current administration is working to destroy all we hold dear; but, the position of the organization I chair, as well as scores of other groups, is that this administration is not even a constitutionally valid one, so every piece of this administration’s agenda is criminally fraudulent, and ultimately inconsequential to our great nation.  Once the truth is embraced, this constitutional disaster should end up in our history books as nothing more than a footnote.
Just look at what this UPOTUS (Unconstitutional President of the US) and his Democratic cronies are doing.  They are applying their subversive agenda to assure that conservatives will have no meaningful voice in this country for several years.  Why in the world would any truly patriotic statesman not yell to the top of his lungs that there is a constitutional problem that needs to be addressed by Congress?  Exposing the fraud not only exposes the UPOTUS, but also those who were complicit in his crimes (the DNC).  Those who would act on behalf of our Constitution are virtually guaranteed re-election, and historically, will be regarded as heroes.
By the way, we have established a new repository of information regarding our elected officials’ lack of due diligence in this matter.  It bears an appropriate name: CongressWatch (
Please, Mr. Headley, do not think that I am merely capitalizing on Senator DeMint’s relationship with my late brother, or that I’m trading on Terry’s legacy.  In his short 45-year lifespan, Terry Haskins embraced truth, and truth is something we’re simply not receiving.  I am persuaded that my brother would have led this effort for the preservation of our Constitution.  He never shrank from what was truly important.
You’re a nice guy; but now, I want to speak with the Senator.
Kindest regards,
Dean Haskins
Chairman, Restore the Constitutional Republic
P.S.  This article is also being widely published
Read more here:

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