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I called the Charlotte NC office of Representative Sue Myrick
today, February 13, 2009. I decided to call the Charlotte
office after contacting the Washington DC office on February
5, 2009 and sending an email to Sue Myrick. I have received
no response. I was prompted to contact Sue Myrick’s office
after the absurd response that a commenter on my blog
received from Andy Polk, an aide of hers. I called this
morning to give Sue Myrick another chance. It appears that
a lot of the problems the public is having in getting
straight answers from congressmen is the filtering of
information being done by their aides. Since I had written
several articles about Sue Myrick as part of the “WHY”
Initiative I wanted to be fair to her. One of these articles
has received approx 2000 views in less than 24 hours.

A nice lady answered the phone. I gave her a brief overview
of why I called. She wanted to pass me on to a press
secretary and I declined. I simply, in fairness, wanted to
inform them of our efforts and resolve to get answers.
I asked that the lady pass this information on to Sue

Obviously Sue Myrick and most people in Congress are very
busy and get many requests. I understand that. I, so far,
have no reason to dislike Sue Myrick. I have heard good
things about her. However, to my knowledge, she has
expressed no interest in the eligibility issues surrounding
Obama. I have no record of her standing up in Congress
and challenging his eligibility or asking questions. If
Andy Polk speaks for her, then we have a problem.

“Ignorance is not bliss.”

Representative Sue Myrick and all members of Congress. We
are going to hold you accountable to the US Constitution
and the American people.

WHY did you believe Obama was eligible?

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