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February 26, 2009

A letter from Dr. David A. Earl Graef Lt Col, US Air Force
retired, dated February 1, 2009, regarding Barack Obama
eligibility issues:

“Dear Senator Warner,

I am in receipt of your letter of 26 Jan 2009. While I thank you for taking the time to respond I can’t express in words my disappointment in your response. I have given much thought to this issue and take offense in so much as you would apparently
dismiss my concerns without a thorough investigation into the validity of my questions. So it is that I am again compelled to write to you and ask your re-consideration. Please do not dismiss prima fasciae, as if this has already been addressed, but read what I have to say.

The requirement to be a “Natural Born” citizen is very specific as you point out in Article II, Section 1, and Clause 5 as it applies to the office of the POTUS. The Framers in their construct recognize there IS a difference between a Citizen and a
Natural Born Citizen. The requirement was instituted to provide a safeguard that the POTUS would have undivided loyalty to the United States. I share the opinion of Attorneys Orly Taitz and Phil Berg who are among the Constitutional Attorneys bringing these cases to the State, Federal and Supreme Court that Natural
Born status also requires that BOTH parents be citizens; a condition we know is NOT the instance in the case. This is not a trivial question left for Legal Academics to debate, it is about our Constitution and a matter for Congress and our Supreme Court.

To date, no case challenging the qualifications of President Obama to hold that Office has been heard on its merits. I have pleaded with Chief Justice Roberts to answer on the merits of the case and will continue barring action by the Congress to address my concerns. Most of the lawsuits are brought by concerned Citizens rightfully questioning if our Constitution is being followed and have been dismissed on lack of standing allowing questions to remain. The same lawsuits President Obama or those speaking for President Obama have referred to as Garbage!

I ask you now; is this the response you would also give the citizens addressing their concerns? Would you tell us our concerns are Garbage? I will trust in your integrity and believe it is not how you yourself would respond, if informed, as
evidenced by your response to me to date. I believe you would simply give us what we need to reassure us. Given this could be put to rest by easily producing the supporting documents President Obama has sealed, do you think this is an appropriate
response for a person in a position of public trust ?

There is much misinformation in the media. Even during the Inauguration, I heard it stated by Rick Warren that President Obama’s father was an “immigrant” from Kenya, yet it is known he was NOT an “immigrant ” and never had U.S. Citizenship at any
time of his life. There are many other legitimate questions regarding the Constitutional qualifications of the POTUS. This is being aggravated by the President spending hundreds of thousands of dollars by reasonable estimates and using teams of attorneys to block the release of documents to support his qualifications.

This includes the vault copy of the Official Birth Certificate held by the State of Hawaii you mentioned in your letter.

While I believe you answered my inquiry in good faith, I believe you misstate the facts in your letter. To my knowledge, at no point has the Hawaii Department of Health stated that he was actually BORN there. They stated they have his official Hawaii Birth Certificate on file and nothing more. Are you aware that Hawaii Statute allows one to obtain a Certificate of Live Birth ( i.e. the one Mr. Obama submitted as his ONLY “proof” to us on HIS web site ) on the unsubstantiated information provided by a single parent ? Are you aware that one may obtain this for a specified period of time even if born outside the US? Are you aware that if President Obama was born in Kenya, as some assert, his mother did not meet the legal requirements to even confer US citizenship on her son? Who was it that provided the information
for the Hawaii certificate? Is there a Physicians signature on the original or not ? What was the Hospital where he was born? Not what his SISTER says but what is on the official document.

Does it not stand to reason President Obama should make it public so that competent authority can verify its authenticity? Does it not stand to reason that if everything is in order and there is nothing to hide this would have been done long before the election when this became a question rather than fight in the courts? Do you yourself not want to know the answers to these questions? Does the Constitution still matter ?

This situation by analogy would be like me giving a Hospital my Medical School Diploma and when they ask for my transcripts as a source document, I hire teams of attorneys to block the Hospital from getting it and start taking care of patients anyway. Then to make matters worse I tell them their efforts to require me to
produce my transcripts are Garbage. How much more important is it that the person who has control of our military to produce supporting documents when asked ? This is absolutely absurd and an outrage to those of us who are informed, place our very lives at the feet of Liberty and are simply asking to have this issue
settled. There are many other questions that remain unanswered which my attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz, would be happy to discuss with you.

I can’t imagine the demands currently placed upon your time and I am sympathetic to you. Nevertheless, you must also realize the potential catastrophic consequences to our Country if indeed we are already into a Constitutional crisis. This is a National
disgrace if we allow our Constitution to be ignored simply because someone, perhaps in the DNC , did not do their job in properly vetting the candidates in this last election.

Please understand, I do not intend to convey any disrespect to you in any way, but I can’t contain my sense of betrayal that to date elected officials seem willing to let this pass without reasonable due process. It is also disappointing to me that you
do not seem to appreciate the tremendous difficulty that this issue places upon each and every American soldier. Although I have over 15 years of credible military service I am at this moment struggling to decide if I must resign my commission as I
can’t reconcile my Oath to defend the Constitution while being in doubt that those above me have respected it in word and deed. I know that I am only one Officer but there must be more, as they learn of this and they will, they will be faced with the same impossible decision. This is a classic Hobson’s choice for whichthe only hope of redemption is to know the truth.

Our History is replete with the memoirs of American soldiers and Statesman who have, due to the failure of their leaders or at the hand of destiny itself faced similar difficult decisions. One such soldier was Robert E. Lee who found himself divided between family loyalties to the South and loyalty to his Oath of Office.
He then under extreme duress resigned his commission so that he would not be conflicted. As you know he chose his FAMILY heritage for which to take a stand.

Make no mistake, while the particular situation facing Gen. Lee was different in circumstance, in essence it is the same as we now face in the military and the same as is at the heart of the Natural Born Citizen requirement . I do not believe abandoning our Constitution is our destiny to forward the interests of a
partisan Government but instead the failed actions of our leaders to address a legitimate issue regarding our Constitution.

My loyalty to the Constitution of the United States as per my Oath is and has been un-wavering. I have to this point and will continue to act in good faith as a United States Air Force Officer. I am only asking that this Constitutional issue be
resolved, so that I may be able to continue in my service to my country and my President freely, without doubt or reservation.

If there is no problem with the qualifications of the POTUS this can be discovered very quickly by a full investigation by the Congress and we can all go about the business of daily life. Furthermore, the decisions you must make regarding the problems we face will actually have meaning and will not have to be redressed. They are difficult enough, I should think you would not what to have do make them again.

I continue to trust and it is my hope, as is the case with most Americans, you have a trusting heart and nature and that you have simply been misled. I implore you to bring this before the Congress. You have the right and I believe the responsibility to do this as I watched the proceedings on 8 Jan 2009 and as a Point of Order the Constitution was not followed for the opportunity to voice objections to the Electoral College was not given. This is too important to ignore and hope it will go away because it will NOT. If for any reason our concerns have merit with each stroke
of the pen we get deeper and deeper as none of the actions of POTUS will have the force of law. Have you read some of the foreign press who are aware of this and may question the validity of treaties that may be signed? I have seen it myself. The
potential harmful implications are staggering.

I do not believe you want in any way to have not acted and to make absolutely certain beyond any doubt we are not in the very midst of a Constitutional crisis. I do not believe you would want this, if the worst is true, to be the legacy of YOUR service to our Country. As difficult as this may be for you to bring to the
attention of the Congress, it also is nothing less than the opportunity for you to take a stand and be counted among the Great Leaders of our Nation who have come before and risked their fortunes and their lives for the sake of Liberty and our sacred Constitution.

I heard it said many times during the long Campaign to the Presidency that if ever in our History we needed leadership it is now ! I am convinced that this is true. We need our Leaders to possess not only the wisdom of our Founding Fathers but the
strength of conviction to see the challenges through in the face of daunting opposition if we are to survive as a sovereign Nation. Please investigate this more. I am confident that when you do you will appreciate the gravity of the situation and be compelled to act in defense of our Constitution.

Very Respectfully,

Dr. David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC “


John D. Blair IV, Colonel, Special Forces, US Army, Retired, Dr Orly Taitz lawsuit, Obama not eligible, US Constitution, Obama is a fraud, Legal maneuvers, Usurper

February 26, 2009

John D. Blair IV, Colonel, Special Forces, US Army (Retired)
has written a letter in support of Dr. orly Taitz’ efforts
to challenge the eligibility of Barack Obama.

“Colonel John Blair to The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, EWTN

Subject: Schedule Dr. Taitz on Your Show
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 7:34 PM

Dear Mr. Arroyo,
    Recommend you schedule Dr. Taitz on your show.  She is doing her utmost as an American patriot and ardent defender of the Constitution to force Obama to prove his legitimacy in office as POTUS.  Indicators strongly suggest that Obama is a fraud,  He has not done anything to prove otherwise, although that would be easy for him to do and would relieve him of suspicion and establish his legitimacy, if he is in fact legitimately qualified for the office.  His expensive legal maneuvers to block law suits and subpoenas to provide documentary proof of his legitimacy can lead only to the inescapable, logical conclusion that he is hiding documentary evidence of his illegitimacy. The probability is that he is a usurper and as such not only illegitimate but also the cause of an inevitable constitutional crisis when and assuredly his fraud is exposed.  Better to expose his ineligibility and fraud sooner rather than later, as each day he exercise illegitimate executive authority the damage done to our nation is compounded and the resolution made more difficult.  Your hosting Dr. Taitz can have profound and beneficial results for our Republic and the sanctity of our Constitution.
    Thank you for considering my request and recommendation.
John D. Blair IV
Colonel, Special Forces, US Army (Retired)”
Read more here:

Lt Col Donald Sullivan, Obama not eligible, NC lawsuit, US Air Force, Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, North Carolina Board of Elections, NC Electoral College, November 7, 2008, US Constitution, Lt Col Sullivan, US Military officer, Natural Born Citizen

February 25, 2009

The first officer in the military that I became aware of being
concerned about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president is
retired Air Force Lt. Col Donald Sullivan. Lt. Col Sullivan filed
a lawsuit in NC on November 7, 2008, against Elaine Marshall, the
NC Secretary of State, and the NC Board of Elections. I had the
privelege of speaking to Lt. Col Sullivan on several occassions
and discovered that he has great conviction to uphold and defend
the US Constituion. Here are some exerpts from the lawsuit:
Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, states
in particular part, “No Person except a natural born citizen, or
a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this
constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither
shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have
attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years
a resident within the United States.”

Mr. Barack H. Obama was a candidate for United States Office of
President on the 2008 North Carolina ballot. However, to have been
a candidate, Mr. Obama must have met those qualifications specified
for the United States Office of the President, which include, but
are not limited to, being a “natural born” citizen. Upon information
and belief, Mr. Obama has failed to demonstrate that he is a “natural
born” citizen. There are other legal challenges before the Federal
Courts regarding aspects of lost or dual citizenship. Those challenges
further demonstrate my argument that reasonable doubt exists as to the
veracity of the electoral process that would allow such fundamental
questions to exist at this late hour preceding the election.”


It was well expected that, after all the public concern that has been
 raised over the preceding months, Mr. Obama would have released for
public or official scrutiny the relevant documentation to back up his
claim of qualification as a “natural born citizen”. His reaction to
public concern and his recent actions in Federal District Court on
9/24/2008 demonstrate that Mr. Obama has no intentions of releasing
said documentation for review or cannot because they do not exist.
The late hour of this request was dictated by the delaying tactics
of Mr. Obama, and the non-responsiveness to citizens’ repeated
requests to the Obama campaign for proof of eligibility.”
There are questions as to where Mr. Obama was actually born, whether
in the United States or abroad, and if his birth was subsequently
registered in Hawaii. There are further questions regarding Mr.
Obama’s United States citizenship, if he ever held such, being
expatriated, and his failure to regain his citizenship by taking
the oath of allegiance once he turned eighteen (18) years of age.
There are additional questions regarding Mr. Obama’s multi-citizenships
with foreign countries, which he may still maintain. To date, Mr.
Obama has refused to prove he is qualified under the U.S. Constitution
and eligible to run for the office of President of the United States
despite requests and recent opportunities to do so in Federal Court.

The “certificate” that Mr. Obama has posted on his official WEB site
is a “Certification of Live Birth,” and not a “Birth Certificate” from
Hawaii. There is no indication on even this certificate as to
specifically where the birth took place.”



At the time of Mr. Obama’s birth in 1961, Kenya was a British Colony.
Subsequently, under the Independence Constitution of Kenya, Mr. Barack
H. Obama, Jr., became a Kenyan citizen on December 12, 1963. There are
no indications or reports that Mr. Obama ever renounced that dual
citizenship conferred either by nature of birth or by virtue of his
father’s Kenyan citizenship. On Mr. Obama’s Senate web site, Mr. Obama
acknowledges his father holds Kenyan nationality but avoids addressing
that he (Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.) also held/holds Kenyan

Lt Col Donald Sullivan lawsuit

Senator Mel Martinez, United States Senator, FL senator, US Constitution, Congress, Florida constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Citizen Wells, US Constitution Hall of Shame

February 14, 2009

A letter received by the Citizens Wells blog on December 29, 2008
that was posted in the US Constitution Hall of Shame

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

US Constitution

Hall of Shame

A letter received from Senator Mel Martinez regarding
Barack Obama’s eligibility issues:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding President-Elect Obama’s
citizenship. I appreciate hearing from you and would like to respond
to your concerns.

Like you, I believe that our federal government has the responsibility
to make certain that the Constitution of the United States is not
compromised. We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our
courts and political processes.

Article II of the Constitution provides that “no Person except a
natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time
of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office
of President.” The Constitution, however, does not specify how that
qualification for office is to be enforced. As you may know, a voter
recently raised this issue before a federal court in Pennsylvania. On
October 24, 2008, the United States District Court for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania released an order in the case of Berg v.Obama.
In that case, the plaintiff, Phillip Berg, raised the same issue that
your letter raises regarding proof of the President-Elect’s birthplace.
Through his lawsuit, Mr. Berg sought to compel President-Elect Obama to
produce a certified copy of his birth certificate.

The District Court dismissed Mr. Berg’s suit and held that the question
of Obama’s citizenship is not a matter for a court to decide. The court
further noted that voters, not courts, should decide whether a particular
presidential candidate is qualified to hold office.

Presidential candidates are vetted by voters at least twice – first in
the primary elections and again in the general election. President-Elect
Obama won the Democratic Party’s nomination after one of the most
fiercely contested presidential primaries in American history. And, he
has now been duly elected by the majority of voters in the United States.
Throughout both the primary and general election, concerns about Mr.
Obama’s birthplace were raised. The voters have made clear their view that
Mr. Obama meets the qualifications to hold the office of President.”

Mel Martinez

Senator Mel Martinez states the following:

“Like you, I believe that our federal government has the responsibility
to make certain that the Constitution of the United States is not
compromised. We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our
courts and political processes.”

Mr. Martinez is correct in that statement.

However, Mr. Martinez goes on to say:

“The Constitution, however, does not specify how that
qualification for office is to be enforced.”

That is absolutely false!
The Constitution and Federal Election Laws allow for challenges to the
Electoral College Votes when Congress convenes.

Mr. Martinez goes on to say that Judge Surrick indicated that voters should
vet presidential candidates and that the courts should not determine
citizenship. Mr. Berg’s lawsuit is still before the US Supreme Court.

Mr. Martinez then states:

“And, he has now been duly elected”

Perhaps Mr. Martinez should look up the definitions of duly and

Mr. Martinez, what about the millions of Hillary Clinton supporters
that were effectively disenfranchised when Obama stole the Democrat
Primary as an ineligible candidate.

Senator Mel Martinez, would you like to clarify what you stated?

Why Obama is not eligible


Senator Jeff Sessions, United States Senator, AL senator, US Constitution, Congress, Alabama constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Citizen Wells, US Constitution Hall of Shame

February 14, 2009

Senator Sessions letter Dated January 23, 2009

Compare the letter received above from Senator Sessions to
a letter received by the Citizens Wells blog on December 30, 2008
that was posted in the US Constitution Hall of Shame

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Congressional oath of office

US Constitution

Hall of Shame

A letter received from Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama
regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility issues:

“Thank you for your recent letter regarding President-elect Barack
Obama. I appreciate your comments and welcome the opportunity to

The Constitution of the United States requires that all candidates
for the office of President must be at least 35 years of age, natural
born citizens, and residents in the United States for the previous
14 years. As you know, stories have circulated that call into question
President-elect Obama’s citizenship. To this end, lawsuits have been
filed allegging that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United
States, and therefore is constitutionally ineligible for the office
of President.

One of the most highly publicized suits was filed by Philip Berg on
August 21, 2008, in the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District
of Pennsylvania. This suit was dismissed on October 24, 2008, and Berg
subsequently filed an appeal. The decision to hear the case is still
pending before the United States Supreme Court. A related suit, filed
by Leo Donofrio, was recently submitted to the Supreme Court. On
December 8, 2008, the court declined to hear Donofrio’s suit.

Senate ethics rules preclude me from becoming personally involved in
pending litigation. I sincerely hope this matter can be fully and
promptly resolved by the courts. In the meantime, please do not
hesitate to contact me in the future should you have a question
regarding an issue over which I have jurisdiction.

Thank you again for writing. Your comments and suggestions are always

Very truly yours,
Jeff Sessions
United States Senator”

Senator Jeff Sessions, first of all I suppose you should be
congratulated for not spewing a bunch of uninformed or biased
statements, as many of your colleagues have done.
However, you stated the following:

“please do not hesitate to contact me in the future should you have
a question regarding an issue over which I have jurisdiction.”

We are contacting you now. Congress meets on January 8, 2008 to count and
validate the Electoral College Votes. We are asking you carry out your oath
of office and request proof of eligibility from Obama, a candidate who is
not a natural born citizen and probably is an illegal alien. I am certain
this is within the realm of your “jurisdiction.”

Why Obama is not eligible


Senator Jeff Sessions, United States Senator, AL senator, US Constitution, Congress, Alabama constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic

February 13, 2009

The letter below was forwarded to Dean Haskins of Restore the
Constitutional Republic.

As you read the response from AL Senator Jeff Sessions below,
compare this response to other letters from congressmen. Do we
have a conspiracy? At the very least, we have an entire
institution, the US Congress, that has ignored the US Constitution
and pleas from their constituents. Anyone paying attention
during the 2008 presidential elections knows that Obama has
some serious issues when it comes to being qualified for the
US Presidency. A grade schooler could determine Obama is hiding
something based on the fact that he has employed an army of
attorneys and spent great sums to avoid providing legal proof
of eligibility. Senator Jeff Sessions , we will be demanding
straight answers from you.

Conspiracy definitions from Wikipedia:

Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or
defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage.
Conspiracy (crime), an agreement between persons to break the law in the
future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement.
Conspiracy (political), a plot to overthrow a government

Text of letter:
“Thank you for your recent letter regarding President Barack Obama.
As you are aware, stories have circulated that call into question President Obama’s
-Citizenship. Additionally, various lawsuits have been filed alleging that Obama is not a natural
born citizen of the United States, and therefore is constitutionally ineligible for the office of
president. However, in June 2008, President Obama released a digitally scanned image of his
birth certificate, and Hawaii’s Director of the State Department of Health, Chiyome Fukimo, has
verified its authenticity.
As you may know, on January 8,2009, Congress certified and tallied the Electoral
College results that verified President Obama’s election as the next president of the United
The office of the presidency should be held in high regard and the president treated with
respect, no matter who occupies the position. As we move forward, Americans should expect
Congress and the president to work together to find substantive solutions to the pressing issues
that our nation faces today.
Thank you again for writing. Please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of my staff
if we may ever be of assistance to you.
Very truly yours,

Jeff Sessions

United States Senator
JS: cd”


US Representative Sue Myrick, United States Congressman, NC Representative , US Constitution, Congress, Charlotte office, North Carolina constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Update, February 13, 2009

February 13, 2009

I called the Charlotte NC office of Representative Sue Myrick
today, February 13, 2009. I decided to call the Charlotte
office after contacting the Washington DC office on February
5, 2009 and sending an email to Sue Myrick. I have received
no response. I was prompted to contact Sue Myrick’s office
after the absurd response that a commenter on my blog
received from Andy Polk, an aide of hers. I called this
morning to give Sue Myrick another chance. It appears that
a lot of the problems the public is having in getting
straight answers from congressmen is the filtering of
information being done by their aides. Since I had written
several articles about Sue Myrick as part of the “WHY”
Initiative I wanted to be fair to her. One of these articles
has received approx 2000 views in less than 24 hours.

A nice lady answered the phone. I gave her a brief overview
of why I called. She wanted to pass me on to a press
secretary and I declined. I simply, in fairness, wanted to
inform them of our efforts and resolve to get answers.
I asked that the lady pass this information on to Sue

Obviously Sue Myrick and most people in Congress are very
busy and get many requests. I understand that. I, so far,
have no reason to dislike Sue Myrick. I have heard good
things about her. However, to my knowledge, she has
expressed no interest in the eligibility issues surrounding
Obama. I have no record of her standing up in Congress
and challenging his eligibility or asking questions. If
Andy Polk speaks for her, then we have a problem.

“Ignorance is not bliss.”

Representative Sue Myrick and all members of Congress. We
are going to hold you accountable to the US Constitution
and the American people.

WHY did you believe Obama was eligible?

Senator Jim DeMint, United States Senator, SC senator, Ian Headley, Aide Headley, US Constitution, Congress, South, Carolina constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Update, February 12, 2009

February 13, 2009

From Restore the Constitutional Republic February 12, 2009:

Another Follow-Up to Senator DeMint’s Staffer
Posted February 12th, 2009 by restore
Dear Mr. Headley,
I hope you are doing well.  Because I haven’t heard back from you since my last post of a week or so ago, I did want to provide you with an update on this situation. 
At the onset, let me say that I guess I may have been a bit naïve in the belief that Senator DeMint’s relationship with my late brother would have afforded me an opportunity to engage in a forthright dialogue with him regarding why he chose not to fully investigate Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president.  While the answers you supplied seem to indicate that he relied on no actual evidence at all, I was disheartened that the Senator chose not even to reply to me.  At this point, I’m not certain the Senator even saw my request.
A colleague of mine, Citizen Wells, has been making similar requests of NC Rep. Sue Myrick, and the result of the ambiguous replies we’ve received in our two inquiries has led to the creation of The WHY Initiative.  Since, through our network of organizations and bloggers, we have fairly immediate access to countless thousands of people across the country, we are spearheading this grassroots effort to be heard by our elected officials—and to hear directly from them, and not their staffers (no disrespect intended).  We will not relent until we get some meaningful answers instead of the Obama camp’s talking points with which the staffers have obviously been provided.
Now, how serious are we about this?  Let’s take a look.
After our brief exchange last week, I wrote an article detailing it:
Citizen Wells did as well:
Then, we called upon faithful patriots across our nation to help us disseminate this information.  Is it working?  Well, again, let’s take a look.
Mr. Headley, please do a Google search on your name:
As of this writing, Citizen Wells’ article ranks third.
Now do a Google search of your name, adding “jim demint”:
As of this writing, that article is Google’s first entry.
The voting public IS going to learn the truth—one way or another.
Through The WHY Initiative we are going to continue to insist that we receive real answers from those we elected to represent us.  State by state, we will be working to inform the voting public of just how (un)responsive their elected officials are to them.  No answers?  No campaign $upport and no votes.  If those in office will not answer to We the People, then they simply should not be in office.
Moreover, we’re not asking for Senator DeMint, or any other elected official, to supply their answers to the public at large; we are asking that they simply enter into a meaningful dialogue with the representatives of The WHY Initiative.
I’ll admit that our country is presently in a shambles, and the current administration is working to destroy all we hold dear; but, the position of the organization I chair, as well as scores of other groups, is that this administration is not even a constitutionally valid one, so every piece of this administration’s agenda is criminally fraudulent, and ultimately inconsequential to our great nation.  Once the truth is embraced, this constitutional disaster should end up in our history books as nothing more than a footnote.
Just look at what this UPOTUS (Unconstitutional President of the US) and his Democratic cronies are doing.  They are applying their subversive agenda to assure that conservatives will have no meaningful voice in this country for several years.  Why in the world would any truly patriotic statesman not yell to the top of his lungs that there is a constitutional problem that needs to be addressed by Congress?  Exposing the fraud not only exposes the UPOTUS, but also those who were complicit in his crimes (the DNC).  Those who would act on behalf of our Constitution are virtually guaranteed re-election, and historically, will be regarded as heroes.
By the way, we have established a new repository of information regarding our elected officials’ lack of due diligence in this matter.  It bears an appropriate name: CongressWatch (
Please, Mr. Headley, do not think that I am merely capitalizing on Senator DeMint’s relationship with my late brother, or that I’m trading on Terry’s legacy.  In his short 45-year lifespan, Terry Haskins embraced truth, and truth is something we’re simply not receiving.  I am persuaded that my brother would have led this effort for the preservation of our Constitution.  He never shrank from what was truly important.
You’re a nice guy; but now, I want to speak with the Senator.
Kindest regards,
Dean Haskins
Chairman, Restore the Constitutional Republic
P.S.  This article is also being widely published
Read more here:

Senator Jim DeMint, United States Senator, SC senator, Ian Headley, Aide Headley, US Constitution, Congress, South Carolina constituents, The WHY initiative, Restore the Constitutional Republic

February 12, 2009

From the Citizen Wells blog February 11, 2009, regarding the WHY
Initiative and attempts to get answers from SC Senator Jim DeMint:

“Dean Haskins and I have begun the process of contacting
congressmen and we started with Representative Sue Myrick
and Senator Jim DeMint. We have been discussing possible
reasons why so many senators were misinformed or apathetic.
Perhaps much of the information sent to them was filtered
or blocked by their aides. Regardless, we want answers. Here
is a dialogue that Dean Haskins had with Ian Headley, an
aide to Senator DeMint. Please remember that we have not
yet spoken to Senator DeMint.

Beginning of dialogue:

I recently had an interesting exchange with one of SC Senator Jim DeMint’s staffers.  Now, understand, as far as legislators go, I think Senator DeMint is one of the better ones we have; however, on this particular issue, he appears to be either as uniformed, or as willfully negligent, as the rest of them.  At this point, I’m not sure which.  And I say that, understanding that it is possible he is not even aware this exchange even occurred (although I’d be surprised if, by my last two posts to him, Mr. Headley didn’t alert Senator DeMint of the “situation” he had just created).
Some of us are now wondering just how many of our communications actually make it to the elected officials to whom we write.  It looks like the staffers provide quite a firewall between their bosses and We the People.
If this weren’t such a tragically dire situation for our country, it would be quite humorous.  It seems Mr. Headley wasn’t in the mood for a logical argument, but he obviously got a nice workout dancing around my questions.
So, see if you can tell where a bit of rudimentary logic pulled the wheels off his wagon.
Note: I start my letter by referencing my late brother who, until his death in 2000, was the Speaker Pro Tem of the SC State House.  He died of cancer at age 45.
Dear Senator DeMint:
By way of introduction, I am Terry Haskins’ brother.  I live in Virginia, and work in music production, ad and website design, and writing.  I am also the chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic.  I pray that I may gain your consideration in this matter, simply because I understand you respected my brother, as he did you.  Before this last election cycle, I have never been a political “activist,” however, this issue has grabbed my attention, and I believe that, if he were alive today, Terry would have heartily joined me in the profound concern I have in this.
By now, I’m sure you are aware of the growing mass of concerned citizens throughout the U.S. who have legitimate questions about Mr. Obama’s natural born citizen status.  Many volunteers in several organizations worked tirelessly to provide the members of Congress with the pertinent information, and since you’ve recently been included as a defendant in one of the many lawsuits that have been filed across the country (Kerchner v. Obama), I’m sure you are aware of the constitutional issues that are being raised.
Senator DeMint, we are not conspiracy theorists, and we do not don tinfoil hats, as the liberal mainstream media would have everyone believe.  We are just everyday citizens who know something is not right, and who highly regard our Constitution.  I believe that you are a very intelligent person, but I don’t believe it even takes that much common sense to understand that someone doesn’t hire high-priced law firms to battle dozens of lawsuits if he does not desire to keep the very thing being asked for hidden.  There is obviously something on that document he does not want us to know—as well as all the other documentation he has sealed from public scrutiny.
That being said, this letter is really not intended as a vehicle by which to defend or expound the numerous claims that are being proffered.  This letter is more of a personal request.
I am in fairly frequent contact with many of the leaders of this grassroots movement, and, frankly, we have been dumbstruck at the obvious lack of inquest by any of our elected officials.  We know many of those leaders to have been quite vocal about unpopular matters in the past, and we are now trying to understand why not one member of Congress uttered even a whimper about this.
We know there must be a reason, and that is the purpose of this letter.  We would like an opportunity to sit down with you, face to face, and have you explain to us why this bizarre series of events unfolded as it did.  There simply must have been something that prevented an honest, open discussion about this, and we’d certainly appreciate knowing what that was.
I look forward to your response.
For our Constitution,
Dean C. Haskins
P.S.  I don’t know if you are aware that I designed a website in Terry’s memory.  If you haven’t seen it, it is located at
Mr. Haskins,
Thank you for your note.  Your brother meant so much to so many of us in South Carolina.  One of the highest points of Senator DeMint’s career was receiving the Terry Haskins award from the SC Republican Party.
I heard from Senator Thomas’ office and appreciate you contacting me.
I cannot speak for other Members of Congress and neither can Senator DeMint.  However, Senator DeMint has looked into the claims with regard to Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President.  Multiple court cases have reached the Supreme Court, through the legal framework of our nation.  Each case has since been dismissed.  It appears from all evidence available, the President was qualified under the Constitution for Congress to certify the electoral college vote.
You would need to contact other Members of Congress, if you have questions about their thoughts and actions on this issue.  Neither I, nor Senator DeMint, are in a position to explain their actions.
I wish you all the best, and encourage you to keep fighting to have the right policies implemented in our nation.
Ian Headley
Mr. Headley,
Thank you so much for your speedy reply.  I genuinely appreciate it.  I would also like to express my gratitude for your kind sentiments about my brother.  I still miss him very much.
Please know that I mean absolutely no disrespect here, but your response is precisely the type of misinformation about which I spoke.  Since none of the cases dealing with the natural born issue have even had their merits heard, what standard of truth did Senator DeMint use to determine that Mr. Obama is, indeed, a natural born citizen?  Each of those cases was dismissed over issues of “standing.”  One can determine nothing of the merits of a case when it is dismissed on a procedural technicality.  Has Senator DeMint physically verified something to which nobody else has had access?
And, since the only proof Mr. Obama has proffered to date has been verified by two separate forensic document examiners to be a forgery, again, I ask, what is Senator DeMint’s standard of truth?  Please see this.
Your statement also seems to imply that there are presently no active lawsuits, which is simply not true.  Please look here.  In addition to the fact that Senator DeMint is one of the defendants in a procedurally active case (Kerchner v. Obama), please know that there continue to be new actions filed.
Please watch my video dealing with this issue here.
Mr. Headley, what has happened to common sense?  It appears no longer to exist.
Kindest regards,
Dean Haskins
Mr. Headley,
I just wanted to follow up and ask if I can expect an answer from either you or Senator DeMint regarding what specific evidence Senator DeMint used to determine, conclusively, that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen, since none of the dismissed cases had any of their merits heard.  I’m sure you can understand my concern, because a plaintiff not having standing to bring a case is certainly not the same thing as evidence being weighed by a court.  Your previous response seemed to indicate that Senator DeMint determined that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen simply because the Supreme Court believed the plaintiff’s were not legally able to have their cases heard.
Please provide the evidence that Senator DeMint used to come to the conclusion he did.
Thank you,
Dean Haskins
Mr. Haskins,
I understand you are not satisfied with the results of the various unsuccessful court cases with regard to this issue.
However, you initiated this communication stating, “this letter is really not intended as a vehicle by which to defend or expound the numerous claims that are being proffered.”
Relying on your statement, I did not intend my response to engage in a discussion about the finer points of said ‘numerous claims’, nor will I do so now.
I believe my original response was clear as to the questions Senator DeMint is capable of answering.
I wish you all the best.
Ian Headley
Mr. Headley,
I apologize that I apparently have not communicated well, and there seems to be a bit of a “disconnect” between us.  My statements have nothing to do with my level of “satisfaction” about the outcomes of cases that have been dismissed; merely that those “outcomes” had nothing to do with the natural born citizenship issue—only whether or not the court believed the person(s) bringing the cases had standing to do so.
And, I am not “defending or expounding the numerous claims that are being proffered;” I am simply asking for you to explain your original answer.  You said,
“However, Senator DeMint has looked into the claims with regard to Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President.  Multiple court cases have reached the Supreme Court, through the legal framework of our nation.  Each case has since been dismissed.  It appears from all evidence available, the President was qualified under the Constitution for Congress to certify the electoral college vote.”
To which I questioned what the evidence was that Senator DeMint used to determine that Obama is a natural born citizen, other than the various plaintiffs’ ineligibility to have their cases heard (which, again, is not evidence of natural born citizenship).  Having provided no additional information about evidence, your statement could easily be understood to be that Senator DeMint actually relied on no evidence whatsoever by which to come to his conclusion.
If that is what you are saying, then I will accept it at face value.  And, I actually already suspected that to be the case.  That is what prompted my original request for a conversation with Senator DeMint, to determine why he chose not to demand that evidence be provided, knowing that there were so many unanswered questions surrounding the issue.  I believe that the truthshould be within the scope of answers Senator DeMint is capable of providing, and it appears you have now provided that.
Thank you,
Dean Haskins
Mr. Headley,
I certainly did not desire to end our discussion on such a disagreeable tone; although, with just a bit of elementary logic, you should be able to see the fundamental flaws in your answers to me.  Actually, yours is not all that different from the numerous other replies we’ve received from the offices of Congress members.
It truly is a sad commentary that none of our elected officials actually bothered to ask for the most basic proof that Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to be our president.  We firmly believe he is not, and he continues to obfuscate anything that might possibly prove us wrong.  And my reason for contacting Senator DeMint was to find out exactly what his reasoning was not even to ask for such basic proof.  It’s not as if the members of Congress weren’t alerted about the problem, for we have people across this country who sent them certified letters, and then retained the documentation proving their letters were sent.
The 20th Amendment states, “If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified . . .” Obviously, our forefathers envisioned a scenario in which someone would have attained the status of “President elect,” and then failed to qualify.  That would mean that, after he won the Electoral College vote, the founding fathers expected the members of Congress to verify that he was constitutionally qualified.  That simply did not happen with Barack Obama.
And we now believe we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis; hence the continued legal challenges, and the growing swell of military personnel (active and veteran) who are demanding this calamity be addressed.
Please don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect Senator DeMint.  I believe he is a fine statesman, and that is why I continue to labor over these communications.  In light of the fact that he is one of the many named defendants in Kerchner v. Obama, I believe Senator DeMint is in a singular position to get in front of this matter and lead our country out of this disaster.
Senator DeMint could start a process to right this wrong by immediately calling for a congressional investigation into this matter.  He could declare to the joint houses of Congress that “We have erred by not exercising our constitutionally prescribed due diligence in this.”  Certainly, you can see the personal legal benefits he could derive from such actions; but, more importantly, he would go down in the annals of history as the one true patriot who actually fought for our Constitution.
I still desire to have a conversation with him.
For our Constitution,
Dean Haskins
Chairman, Restore the Constitutional Republic

End of dialogue”

Dean Haskins queries Senator Demint’s office

US Representative Sue Myrick, United States Congressman, NC Representative , US Constitution, Congress, North Carolina constituents, The WHY initiative. Restore the Constitutional Republic

February 12, 2009

From the Citizen Wells blog February 12, 2009, regarding the WHY
Initiative and attempts to get answers from NC Representative
Sue Myrick:

“We are moving ahead with the “WHY” initiative to hold Congress
accountable now and moving forward. Dean Haskins has set up
Restore the Constitutional Republic under a .com for organizational
purposes and we are finalizing plans to challenge congressmen across
the nation now and henceforth. Dean Haskins, the Citizen Wells blog,
other internet websites, attorneys, businessmen, the military and
millions of Americans are united to uphold and defend the US
Constitution. We are determined to get answers from congressmen.

Why did they believe that Obama is eligible?

Why did no member of Congress challenge the Electoral votes?

Despite our many concerns about policies and actions such as the
so called stimulus bill, we are determined to uphold the US
Constitution and make Congress accountable. This effort will move
forward through the 2010 elections.

Millions of Americans were stunned as every institution in this
nation connected with the 2008 election, ignored the US
Constitution and pleas from masses of the public to vet Senator
Obama. Congressmen ignored their constituents, as if part of
some conspiracy to ensure that Obama got elected.

So we are asking WHY.
The obvious red flag that most people get, the one I am certain a
5th grader could understand is, if Obama was eligible, why did
Obama employ an army of attorneys and spend great sums of money
beginning with Philip Berg’s lawsuit in August 21, 2008, to avoid
proving his eligibility. All Obama had to do is what John McCain
did, provide Congress with a vault copy of his birth certificate,
i.e., a real birth certificate, not a record of a birth certificate
like Obama has tried to do.

If you’re not as smart as a fifth grader then consider the following:

Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian passport.

Obama’s father was Kenyan, under British rule.

Obama became an Indonesian citizen.

There is no legal proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

If Obama was born in Kenya, his mother did not meet the eligibility
requirements for Obama to be a natural born citizen.

Consider this letter from a Brigadier General:

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired
Lifetime subject to recall for active duty
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF)

“We the People of the United States of America” are entitled to know
the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief. 
For the better good and National Security of “We the People of the
United States” and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the
United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz,
ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein
 Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen
of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and
Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

From Sue Myrick’s office.
Polk, Andy

“ohhh- I understand it correctly based on US Supreme Court cases interpreting
what “natural born citizen” Constitutionally means.  Had he not met the
definition, Chief Justice Roberts, the worlds leading Constitutional scholar,
would not have sworn him in because he would have violated his duty to uphold
the Constitution.  You can argue with me all you want on this issue, but I can
do nothing for you on this point.  The only thing you can do, if you feel so
strongly about Obama not being a citizen, is file a lawsuit in federal court.”

I recently called Sue Myrick’s office and after a conversation with her staff,
was informed that I should email her. Here is the email that was sent on
February 5, 2009:

“I am Mr. Wells of the Citizen Wells Blog, based out of NC. I have done extensive
research and covered the 2008 election process. I am also part of a group that is
evolving to uphold and save the US Constitution and rule of law.
I am in the forefront of a group of people that will be holding Congress accountable
now and through the 2010 election and beyond.
I have been in touch with Philip J berg and his assistant, Dr. Orly Taitz and her assistant,
Cort Wrotnowski, Lt Cols in the AF, business people and regular Americans that are
deeply concerned and care about this country. We are not going away. Our resolve is
I do not know where you obtained your information regarding the eligibility of Obama to
be president. There was an Orwellian like effort by the MSM and Obama camp to distort
the truth. If Obama had been eligible, he would not have employed an army of attornies
and spents thousands of dollars to avoid presenting his proof. McCain in contrast
provided a vault version of his birth certificate to Congress.
I was asked to do research for a documentary on Obama and the provision for natural
born citizen in the US Constitution. This was specifically done to present to Ron Paul.
Congressmen were notified prior to the election of the eligibility cloud surrounding
Obama. I posted some of the ludicrous responses that were received from some
senators and representatives in a US Constitution Hall of Shame on my blog.
I am not a conspiracy theorist. However, we are going to find out why no member
of congress took this issue seriously, why they ignored the people that put them
in office and why no one spoke up in Congress when the Electoral College votes
were certified.
Our team is contacting a senator from the southeast and we hope to meet with him
soon. We are going to get some straight answers and will do whatever is necessary
under the law to do so. I decided to write you (I just called your office) because
you represent my district and you seem to be a straight shooter.
This initiative is designed to get some straight answers now, but will build into
a general effort to hold congress accountable and remove from office in 2010
those politicians that have a selfish, irresponsible agenda.

I deeply care about this country.
Mr. Wells
I have received no response from Sue Myrick. I have recently
been trying to locate someone that knows her. It is a shame
isn’t it. It is so difficult to get the attention of our
congressmen. Well guess what. We are not going to stop until
we get their attention and that includes voting them out of
office if they continue to fail us. In fairness to Sue Myrick,
so far we have only gotten responses from her staff. Sooner
or later she will see our requests and sooner or later she
will have to respond.

Citizen Wells contacts Representative Myrick’s office