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  1. Leatha Says:

    I have contacted my reps here in Louisiana,,and can proudly say that Sen David Vitter and Sen Rodney Alexander have both personally written me back when I have written them about issues going on,,and how they were going to vote,,and they were on our side,,however,,Sen Mary Landieru is a totally different person!,,she does not personally contact you and I have been watching her votes and she has backed Obama on ‘everything’ he has purposed!,,Even in my letters and calls to her,,I have let her know that Louisiana citizens are ‘watching ‘ closely!,,and it made no difference whatsoever!,,
    However,,I have never sent letters to any of them concerning Obama’s eligibility,,should i?

  2. congresswatch Says:

    The WHY initiative is fairly new and evolved out of efforts by the Citizen Wells blog
    US Constitution Hall of Shame and Democratic Disaster (now Restore the Constitutional Republic)
    and others to inform congressmen before the general election and Congress certifying the
    Electoral College votes.
    We are taking this effort nationwide and will be asking for volunteers.
    Our initial efforts are to get some straight answers on Obama eligibility and
    upholding the US Constitution. This will continue on through the 2010 election
    cycle and beyond. We must hold Congress accountable to the US Constitution
    and American people.
    Post your correspondence with them here. If you would like, volunteer at

    The forum there will be used long term to organize volunteers.
    One of the problems in the past was credibility. We are also concerned
    about their aides filtering messages.
    We are asking congressmen to sit down with us and engage in intelligent
    dialogue and dispense with references to rumors. We will provide “experts”
    on the subject. We also will not be ignored. Those refusing to listen to
    their constituents will be voted out of office.
    So, as you see, they cannot ignore us for long.

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