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  1. citizenwells Says:

    I just posted this on the forum at Restore the Constitutional Republic:

    NC congressmen – Help us hold them accountable

    Our congressmen ignoring the US Constitution and their constituents
    is not an option.
    We need your help. We have all let this happen over many years.
    It will take time, but we must start now.
    I am looking for people in NC to help.
    This will include, but be limited to the following:

    Informing your friends, family coworkers of the issues.
    Gathering info on congressmen such as when they will be in their offices,
    in your towns.
    We must maintain credibility.
    Be respectful without taking no for an answer.
    Congressmen need 2 things from us, money and votes.
    Collect their mailings and emails. Let them know that if they
    want money or votes, they must give us straight answers.
    The “WHY” initiative will provide an “expert” panel to answer
    any questions they have about Obama’s eligibility.
    Remember, this is about maintaining the US Constitution, rule
    of law and keeping Congress accountable to the people.

    God bless.

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